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Loyal2 and Recurly Integration Guide
Linking your Recurly Invoices and Customer data to Loyal2 is very easy - simply follow these steps:
  • Once you have set up your free Loyal2 account, go to Desktop > Toolbox > Integrated Products > Recurly [manage]
  • Here you will be asked for your Recurly subdomain - found in Configuration > Site Settings in your Recurly Account (just the first part - not including  and your Recurly API key - found in Developers > API Credentials in your Recurly Account 
  • Once these are entered Loyal2 will attempt to connect with Recurly, and if successful it will present you with further options for connecting your Recurly transactions to Loyal2:

  • It is very important to make sure you add the webhook to your Recurly account as described in this next step - as this is the automation step required for Reculy to send all transactions to Loyal2 as they occur:

    In order for Recurly to send customer and invoice data automatically to Loyal2 you will need to MANUALLY add a webhook to your Recurly Account.

    Do this by going to Developers > Webhooks > Configure in your Recurly account...

    Then add your micro-site URL as the webhook URL ( For the username and password you can enter anything, as these are not used by Loyal2.
  • Once the two systems are communicating effectively you can set up the various other options as well as process historic transactions using the Manual Import tool provided at the bottom of the page:



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