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Loyal2 and Shopify Voucher Codes Guide

This article assumes you are a Shopify user, and you have installed our Shopify App, and you have read our Shopify Integration Guide. The purpose of this article is to talk you through the process of getting Loyal2 Voucher Codes to work as Shopify Discount Codes.

To get Shopify to recognise our Loyal2 Voucher Codes you need to pre-generate some Voucher Codes (ie about 100 of them) in first. Then you need to upload the codes into Shopify using their Bulk Discounts tool. This way, when our system issues a certain type of voucher, the code it is issuing is already stored in Shopify and will be recognised by Shopify.

Here are the steps:

  • In your account go to Vouchers > Pre-loaded Voucher Codes
  • Using the form at the top auto-generate 100 codes for 'the voucher of your choice' (note the voucher needs to already exist in Loyal2 having been added by you into the Vouchers module).
  • Using the Import/Export option - use the 'Export Data' button to pull your new codes out into a CSV file.
  • Open the CSV file and copy the column of codes under the title 'code'

In you shopify account - install their app for generating bulk discount codes (

  • Run the app and click on 'New Discount Set'
  • Give it a 'name' and set the 'how many times' option to 1 (ie NOT no limit)
  • Set the discount type (ie the value) as you want it to be set.
  • Choose the dates it is applicable for.
  • Paste the list of codes into the large text-area.
  • Click Create.

Now your codes generated in Loyal2 will automatically work in Shopify.

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