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Ordering Pre-printed Loyalty Cards or Making Your Own Cards

Running a loyalty system which uses cards requires that you generated the correct code for each card so that it can be identified by Loyal2. This is not as complicated as it sounds, and once you understand the basic concepts you can quickly order your some cards or even print some cards of your own.

  • If you want to use your current barcode scanner or don't want to scan cards at all:

It is important to note that Loyal2 can operate manually (by entering member number, email or mobile number) and so encoded cards are simply a quicker way of doing the same thing.

Another important thing to note is that Loyal2 can work off standard barcodes and mag-stripes (where each member number is simply encoded into a 'normal' linear barcode) - this is often popular in retail because the equipment at point of sale is already set up to scan cards like this. In this instance simply encode the member number (ie C02501, C02502 etc) onto the card using a CODE39 barcode or a mag-stripe encoding, and then scan the card into the manual lookup field in Loyal2 when required.

  • Understanding Loyal2 card encoding:

    Loyal2 is set up to scan cards using an embedded URL in the card. The URL launches a web-page on the device that is used for scanning, and this web-page is the QuickScan facility which allows your staff to manage that account linked to that card. The device (ie Nexus Tablet) will need to have a QR code reader or a NFC tag reader on it. These readers will translate the card 'value' into a web-address and automatically load the web-page including the card-holder's unique code.

    The URL on the card will look something like this:


    {your-micro-site-url} is the URL chosen by you when you set up your account in Loyal2 - this is the mini-website that drives your loyalty program online.

    C02501 is a random alpha-numeric code that you assign to a blank card (it needs to start with a single alpha, followed by a zero and then followed by 4 or 5 numbers). When the card is scanned, if no account exists for the code specified the system will bounce the operator to a sign-up page for that card. If an account does exist then the operator is taken straight into the cardholders account and can award points, redeem vouchers etc.

    When you pre-order a set of cards you will order them with QR codes or NFC tags which are embedded with each card's unique URL eg:

  • Making your own Loyalty Cards:

    These can very easily be printed/produced in small quantities by you - or you can order them in bulk from a card supplier or directly within your account.
    • To make your own QR coded card follow these steps:
      • First add the member account in the Members area. This can be a blank account to start with, as the member-code is the important thing for the card. Once the card is issued later on you can edit the account and add the person's details.
      • Once added, see the link at the bottom of the Member Account to 'Print Member Card'.
      • You can also use the link to 'Get barcode' to generate the QR code on it's own, which you can then incorporate into your very own card designs.
    • To make your own NFC coded card follow these steps:
      • Purchase NFC cards or NFC tags from a local supplier (ie
      • Create the member account in the Members area. This can be a blank account to start with, as the member-code is the important thing for the card. Once the card is issued later on you can edit the account and add the person's details.
      • Once added, click on 'Get Barcode' at the bottom of the Member Account.
      • This will show you the URL that is required to be encoded onto that card, eg
      • Use an NFC enabled Tablet or Phone to write the URL to the Card/Tag using an app like 'NFC Tag Writer
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