The marketing and loyalty system for small businesses.
Promote loyalty programs in your area and earn commission

If you are considering promoting loyalty programs in your area we would love you to join our referral program. It is free to join and you get a flat-rate 5% commission on all revenue for programs you refer to us (from the second paying referee onwards - to stop people from claiming commission on their own accounts :-)

The most successful model for this approach is to market a complete 'loyalty solution' to small businesses in your area. You would install for them and then assist in the monthly management of the program - helping them with promotions, database management etc. You would get commission from us for their account and, with their approval, you can charge them directly for any time spent managing their account. Essentially you would become a 'loyalty consultant' with our team as your 'technical resource'.

To start referring sign-ups simply go to your account and click on 'Refer Us and Earn!'

On the 'Refer Us' page you will see your 'referer URL' this is the link you need to promote in order to get people to sign up 'under you'. If you click on this link to sign up new accounts they will be registered as 'yours' and you will start to earn commission on their spend with us where applicable.

To promote your URL you can insert it in your website, your blog posts, your social tweets and likes, your email signatures and just about anywhere else you can squeeze it to get people to click on it and sign up.

All the best! We look forward to working with you to grow customer loyalty programs in your area and online!

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