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Setting up a Card-based Loyalty Program with

If you want your customers to be issued with pre-printed loyalty cards and for them to present these in-store for scanning, the process of setting this up is very easy.

The steps you will need to go through are:

  • Sign up and create your free Loyal2 account
  • Set up your micro-site (basically add your logo and set a few quick settings)
  • Set up QuickScan (enter a password and decide how many points to award your members)
  • Add at least one voucher as a reward
  • Order some pre-printed loyalty cards or print your own
  • And you are done! Start scanning cards instantly

OK, let's run through each of those points in more detail now:

  • Set up your account:
    Firstly, if you have not yet done so, please sign up, it is free of charge to set up your account. Your first 500 members are free and after that you can elect to sign up for a monthly subscription of $49 per month. If you intend to send emails from the system (which we recommend) then please do add a small top-up to your credit ($10 min) which will provide the pay-as-you-go credit for these.
  • Upload your logo and confirm your micro-site url:
    Once you are logged in click on 'Your Account' and then on 'Your Branding/Logo'
    • here you should upload your logo, 
    • enter your club/program name 
    • and most importantly - select/confirm that your micro-site web address is correct for your program - choose a short and memorable url
  • Tweak your micro-site settings:
    Next, go back to the Toolbox on your Dashboard and select 'Your Micro Site'
    • here you should set your micro-site permissions (select Yes for all permissions in the list that you want to enable)
    • you can consider some of the other options on this page, but most importantly set the permissions above, and set your content in the fields provided for the various pages.
    • to make your micro-site look the best consider selecting colours and a background image as well.
  • Set up QuickScan so your staff can award points in-store:
    Next, go back to the Toolbox on your Dashboard and select 'QuickScan, Tags and Barcodes'
    • here you will enter a QuickScan password for your cashiers to use when they award a customer points - this will enable the QuickScan feature for your program. Remember to change this password regularly and certainly if one of your staff leave - access to this facility means your staff can award points and redeem vouchers... so it needs to be kept safe.
    • Also enter the number of points you want them to award for each 'QuickScan' and how many times they can do this per account per day (for example you could let them award 5 points each time up to a maximum of 3 times per day). If you want them to have more then one 'points value' to choose from separate the values with commas, this will create multiple buttons.
  • Add at least one voucher so your members have something to aim for:
    Add at least one Voucher type to the system so that your members have something to spend their points on > click on Vouchers in the top menu and then click on Add
    • Your voucher will need a name and voucher details at minimum.
    • Consider how many points are required for this voucher and enter the amount there (there are free vouchers too - which is why points are not a required field)
    • If you want your members to be able to select the voucher in their micro-site accounts, enable 'available for self selection'.
    • If you want the voucher auto-allocated (ie when they sign up, or on their birthday or when they get a certain number of points) then select that option.
  • Order pre-printed membership cards or print your own:
    Now that your system is set up you can proceed to order pre-printed membership cards or even print some cards of your own. Your cards can be encoded with QR codes, barcodes or NFC Tags. You can even operate QuickScan manually (ie without a scanner) in which case simply print the member number on each card and enter it manually when they present it.

    There is a dedicated article on this subject which can be found here.
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