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An overview of setting up your loyalty system on Loyal2
Setting up your loyalty system on Loyal2 requires an understanding of some basic concepts and some decisions you need to make about how your program will work:

Manual vs Automated:
  • We always suggest a 'manual' loyalty system, and by that we mean a loyalty system that does not 'read' the sales from your accounting/POS system, it requires the points to be applied manually.
  • The reason for going 'manual' is because integrating with a daily transaction system can be quite technical and you may want to start manually to begin with because it is quick and easy to do.
  • Down the line you can always set up automated integration with your sales/transaction system if you like, using our programmer's interface or API.
  • Loyal2 works perfectly well both ways: manually or automated via integration
Card vs No Card:
  • Some people like to hand out membership cards to their customers, some are happy to go 'virtual' and in that case the customer uses their mobile number or email as a 'virtual card'.
  • Cards are handy in that they can be 'tapped' or 'scanned' on a tablet which speeds up the account loading process, but for the hassle of having to print cards and issue them this needs to be evaluated whether it is worth it.
  • With Loyal2 you can work both ways - if no card is used then the customer will have to say their email or mobile number to have their account loaded with points each time. If a card is used then the account number will be printed on the card and can be manually entered or scanned off the card.
  • If you need to produce cards they can be ordered locally or we can produce them for you.
  • For card scanning, you can use a normal ePOS scanner to scan a barcode on the card, or you can use a tablet to scan a QR code on the card or you can use a tablet to 'detect a tap' from a NFC encoded card.
Choosing points to apply
  • Using the 'manual' system you apply the points to the account at the time of sale by manually loading the account and selecting one of a number of methods to apply the points:
    • you can have a set of buttons with points on them ie Apply 1 point, Apply 2 points, Apply 5 points etc
    • you can have a calculator that works out a certain percent of points based on the sale value you enter
    • you can have a box where you freely enter the points amount to apply to the card
  • If you were used an automated approach (ie not the manual system) then the points calculated would be determined by the promotions you have entered in the system. ie a certain % of points for any transaction where the sku_code (product code) starts with ABC etc
  • You can set up other promotions like:
    • points awarded when a new member joins the program
    • points awarded when a member has a birthday
    • points awarded when a member visits a certain web page
How to reward your members
  • In Loyal2 the reward mechanism is Vouchers (or coupons)
  • Vouchers are issued to members directly, and a unique code for each voucher is issued
  • Members get an email/text message with their voucher code/s
  • The voucher code can be redeemed in-store or online and when a voucher code is used it cannot be used again.
  • There are functions in Loyal2 to check voucher codes and mark vouchers as redeemed.
  • Vouchers are worth whatever you want them to be worth, so they can be for a discount, a fee add-on product, entry to a competition etc - the possibilities are endless.
  • Vouchers can be set to automatically award when a member's points balance reaches a certain level, this way the system 'runs itself' and the member points balance is automatically used up when it reaches the specified level.
  • Vouchers can also be 'bought' online using the member's points. The vouchers are listed in your micro-site and when a member logs in they can select the vouchers they can 'afford' based on their points balance.
Member's access to their points/account
  • In Loyal2 your members can access their accounts online using your Loyal2 Micro-site, which is a branded mini-site offering them various features for helping themselves to info and benefits in your loyalty program
  • There is also a web-widget which you can install in your website which encourages people to join the program and can also be used to log into their account and view details of their points/benefits without leaving your website.
QuickScan: for your customer-facing staff
  • You may not want your average staff member to have access to the full Loyal2 back office account, as this is very powerful and points can be manually controlled using this feature.
  • Because of this we have created QuickScan which is a limited functionality screen that gives your staff access to a member account and limits the points that can be applied to their account.
  • QuickScan runs within your micro-site, requires a simple password to access, and can be easily loaded on a tablet or a PC
  • QuickScan can also be used to sign up new accounts and manage voucher codes
If you have any questions about how to set up your loyalty program on Loyal2 please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
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