The marketing and loyalty system for small businesses.
Measuring Performance

  Key to your success in driving a loyalty program is your ability to see all the data at a high level with key performance indicators (KPIs) to assist you in understanding the trends held within.

Dashboard Analytics
Your Loyal2 Dashboard includes the primary KPIs you will need to run and manage a successful loyalty program. We use 3 key factors in determining the success rating at any point in time : Recruitment, Repeat business and Revenue growth - the three Rs. Our analytics will track your program's R's and keep you on track and encourage you to grow all three.

Deeper Data Mining
If you require the ability to drill down into your data at a deeper level, Loyal2 includes data analysis per module (members, transactions, points, redemptions etc) as well as user-friendly access tools to export your data into Excel for further analysis. 
Online Loyalty for Websites
ePOS and eStore Integrations
Voucher Management
Promotions and Campaigns
Product Reg. and Surveys
Measure Performance
Reward visitors online and in-store to bring them back again and again
QuickScan for mobiles and tablets - makes scanning member cards easy
Easily integrate or import your data from ePOS or other systems