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QuickScan in-store loyalty card scanning for mobiles and tablets
Our QuickScan feature is intended to let you set up and run your own in-store card scanning facility within minutes.   Built for Mobile/Tablet hardware QuickScan uses mobile/tablet friendly technology such as QR Codes and NFC Tags to transmit the member details from their card to the in-store device. You can use a mobile phone or a tablet (or even a PC/Laptop) to scan the card and the points management console will load within the device automatically. No apps required! Order cards from us, or make your own. QuickScan does require that your members are issued with cards - and the beauty of the Loyal2 method is that you are given the embed-code for each member so you can have cards printed yourself, or if you prefer, you can order them directly from us and we will ship for free anywhere in the world. Built for 'casual/front-line' staff users One thing we kept in mind when developing QuickScan was that the day-to-day running of your loyalty system is often managed by front-line staff who should not have access to your full loyalty system backoffice. QuickScan provides these users with just enough functionality to allow them to assign points (within boundaries that you specify) and lookup user points balances.           For a step-by-step look at how to set up QuickScan in your Loyal2 account, click here.
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