The marketing and loyalty system for small businesses.
Loyal2 Voucher Management System

 Loyal2 offers a complete Voucher Management System for redemption of points for all users. Your Loyal2 loyalty program offers it's members the freedom to choose from an unlimited number of vouchers for an unlimited number of benefits.

Your rewards - your way
By using vouchers to redeem points your members will be able to print them out or store them on their mobile devices. They can then be used in-store or online, and can be exchanged for discounts, competition entries, products and other prizes.
Vouchers are a proven method of bringing consumers back to your store or online.
Every voucher protected by a unique code.
Our unique coding system issues each voucher with a special code, which you can verify instantly in real-time. Once verified, the voucher code cannot be re-used and protects you from fraud and system abuse. Vouchers are printable, date protected and barcoded for maximum system integration.
Voucher Management Console
Via our backoffice Voucher Management Console you are able to verify voucher codes in real time, mark vouchers which have been used in store as redeemed and correct wrongly redeemed vouchers. This way you have full control over your voucher program at all times.

Issue vouchers manually or allow your members to select them online
Vouchers can be manually assigned to members by you via the backoffice or your members can be allowed to select their the vouchers they want via your micro-site. Once issued, vouchers are emailed to members or sent to their mobile phones, complete with barcodes, and can also be printed out if needs be.
Online Loyalty for Websites
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Voucher Management
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Reward visitors online and in-store to bring them back again and again
QuickScan for mobiles and tablets - makes scanning member cards easy
Easily integrate or import your data from ePOS or other systems