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Setting Up A Website Loyalty Program with

Setting up a loyalty program for your website or web-store takes a few minutes with

In your dashboard, click on 'WebScan & Virtual Cards'

You will see the HTML which needs to be copied to your web-page.

Copy this and paste it into the page on your website where you intend to reward your visitors for their visit.

This can be strategically placed at the end of a checkout process for example, so that you are rewarding them for completing a purchase, or on the results page of a form submission so that they are rewarded for submitting some information to you. Alternatively you could simply place it on your home page and reward them for visiting regularly.

Once the code is placed on your site you should refresh the page and see the embedded 'virtual card' displayed as follows:

Now you need to decide how many points to award for each visit or 'WebScan', and how many times in 24 hours each members can gain these points. Set these on the WebScan Settings panel (shown above) and save them.

Your online loyalty program is now live and active, congratulations!

Your member's experience will be something like this:

They are invited to sign-up or log in via your Loyal2 micro-site.

Once logged in they can refresh their virtual card and if they are due points they will see them being issued, or if they have already been issued their quota for the day they will see the third message below.


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