The marketing and loyalty system for small businesses.
Promotions and Campaigns

All Loyal2 loyalty programs include our Promotions engine - even on the free plan!

DIY Promotions
Our unique web-promotions engine allows you to define 'promotion codes' unique to your loyalty program which allow members to gain points by entering the code for each promotion. They can enter this online (into their account on your Loyal2 micro-site) or they can scan it via QR code directly on their mobiles. Every code-delivery is tracked and managed, stopping double point allocation and tracking promotion activity. Promotions can also be limited by date range and target audience.
In Store Promotions
Our easy to print DIY in-store posters give you instant artwork for each promotion, which you can display daily giving your members a reason to visit you in-store for that day. Promotions lead to points, and points can lead to vouchers for anything from discounts to prizes and competition entries... the limit is your imagination, and the motivation is getting your customers/members excited about your loyalty program!

QR Codes bring promotions to the mobile device
As a replacement for the old fashioned 'stamp card' loyalty scheme, QR codes offer an exciting way to bring loyalty to the mobile device. Each of your promotional codes will essentially translate to a unique QR code which links your members directly with your micro-site and automatically issues them their associated points.
Loyal2 also includes communication campaigns, which include a combination of email and text/mobile messages sent to a profiled/selected segment of your membership. You can target communication for each of your promotions to a specific audience - making sure that you trigger the perfect benefit for each type of member in your database. For example - you may have a promotion that relates to baby products which you then target to any members who have bought any products from your bary related categories in the past 6 months. 
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Promotions and Campaigns
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