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Getting Your Loyal2 Outgoing Emails Delivered
The chance of success for delivery of emails sent from your account depends greatly on these 2 points:
  • Choose whether to send using Loyal2's Mandrill account or your own SendGrid/Mandrill account
    All outgoing emails from Loyal2 are sent via our Mandrill account by default - this requires you to have pay-as-you-go credits in your account (required if you are on the free plan) and also requires that your 'send from' domain is authorised to send using DKIM and SPF records (see next point).
    Alternatively you get a lot more control by using your own SendGrid or Mandrill account as a Loyal2 Subscriber - see final point below.
  • Ensure your domain's DKIM and SPF records are set
    Your send-from domain will need to be authorised to send via Mandrill or SendGrid - and this is done by adding the following settings via your domain registrar's control panel:
    • For SendGrid (the Loyal2 default if you are using email credits):

      Add the following 3 CNAME Records to your domain:

      Note - you need to change the {} in each of these 3 records to your actual domain.

      must be set to


      must be set to


      must be set to

      Then please email our support to tell us you have enabled the domain on your end for SendGrid - we will verify it and let you know when it is fully verified.
    • For Mandrill:

      1) To enable DKIM, create a TXT record for

      with the following value:

      2) To enable SPF, create a TXT record for your domain with the following value:

  • Email our support if your domain is still not sending
    We may need to send you an 'accept' link from Mandrill to prove that you have authority to send-from that domain
  • Never send 'from' a generic web-mail domain
    ie,,,, etc - most online spam filters will regect automated emails sent from these addresses. In Loyal2 you should change the 'from email address' to be a private domain - even if you logged into Loyal2 with a @gmail email address. You can change the 'from email address' by going to Your Account > Your Branding/Logo

  • Subscribe to and you can have even more control over your mail delivery.
    Loyal2 uses or as the outbound email service for all transactional (one-to-one) emails. If you subscribe you get to use your own or account and can set the very important DKIM & SPF Settings for your private 'from email address' domain - these will greatly increase the friendly reception of any emails sent from your email address.
    To do this go to Integrated Products and enter your Sendgrid or Mandrill account details as specified on the relevant page:

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