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Loyal2 and Ecwid Integration Guide

If you are a e-store or shopping cart user, you may be looking for an integrated loyalty solution to launch a loyalty program of your own. Loyal2 provides a complete loyalty solution for card-based, stamp-and-collect, semi-virtual and fully online loyalty programs - and best of all, we are fully integrated with Ecwid.

This integration is in real-time. After each sale is concluded in Ecwid the data from the sale will be posted to Loyal2 automatically adding the customer and the transactions and awarding the correct number of points. If a customer already exists (determined by their Ecwid id number, email or telephone number) then the sale is attached to the existing customer.

Loyal2 also automatically creates Discount Coupons in your Ecwid store, so your user experince is fluid - the minute Loyal2 issues them with a reward voucher they can use it in your store.

Installing the Ecwid App:

We recommend setting up your Loyal2 account before you try to install the App - and then installing the App from the link within the Loyal2 backoffice Ecwid Settings page. It can be installed from the Ecwid App store directly, but it helps if you have your Loyal2 account set up and logged in when you do so:

Setting up your Loyal2 Loyalty Program:

The settings required to set-up your loyalty program have been summarised by the LOyal2 Backoffice App within the Ecwid Backoffice. This can be accessed by going to Promotions and clicking on Loyal2 in the top-menu.

Within Loyal2 itself the Ecwid settings can be accessed by going to Toolbox > Integrated Products > Ecwid

Importing or re-importing historic transactions and customer-data into Loyal2

There is a tool at the bottom of the Ecwid settings page within the Loyal2 backoffice which allows you to set a date range and manually import your Ecwid transactions - existing transactions will be updated but not duplicated.

What your customers will see within your Ecwid Store:

Your customers will be able to access the summary widget from their 'Your Account' area - this provides summary info and links to the micro-site for more details if the customer requires it.

Setting the default % for points allocation:

The system will start with a default of 10% points allocation for Transactional promotions - this equates to 10 points for every 100c ($1) spent. You can set your own default % by going to the Promotions Tab:

Adding special Transactional promotions:

You can then add unlimited special transactional promotions by specifying the other settings (ie in this example a SKU code prefix of APPLE00 means that all SKU's that start with APPLE00 will qualify for 10% - eg APPLE001 and APPLE009 etc.

Auto-generating Discount Coupons in Ecwid

If your account is set to auto-generate Discount Coupons then each time a Loyal2 Voucher Code is created it will be sent to your Ecwid store. In order for these voucher codes to work in Ecwid you need to ensure the following details are entered in the Voucher when adding it to Loyal2:

  • Name - describes the Voucher in Ecwid
  • Value - a number representing the value of the voucher
  • OPTIONAL: Value Type - if not selected, then 'Currency Value' is assumed
  • OPTIONAL: Expires After Days - if left blank then 30 is assumed
  • OPTIONAL: Min Sale Value - if left blank applies to all sales values
  • OPTIONAL: Date From - if left blank applies immediately
Vouchers will work for any customer who enters them, and will work only once.
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