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Setting Up A Sales Upload and Approval System With Loyal2
Allow your members to upload information about sales that they have made or facilitated. Sales are uploaded via the member account in your micro-site. These then wait for your approval via the backoffice, and once approved points are automatically allocated according to sale value and/or sku_code settings.

Sales data includes the date of the transaction, the reference/sales number, the value, any notes that may be applicable to the sale and a facility to upload a scan/copy of the sale document.

Once a sale is approved it will be posted directly into the Transactions module which uses the Transactional Promotions settings to determine how many points to award for a particular sale. Transactional Promotions can be set to award specific points for specific sku_codes, for this reason you can set a specific sku_code when approving a sale. You can also manually override the number of points to award for a specific sale when approving it.

To enable Sales Uploads and Approvals in Loyal2 follow these steps:
  • Enable the Sales Upload feature in your micro-site:

  • Members will then see links in their micro-site account to Upload Sales:

  • Once the sale is uploaded the member will see it in their 'awaiting approval' queue and you will receive an email alert informing you that the sale has been logged.

  • In your backoffice go to the 'Sales Approval' are of the Toolbox:

  • Here you will be able to approve or decline sales. Each event will automatically email your member to inform them that a sale has been declined or approved:

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