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Setting Up A Virtual Rubber Stamp Program with Loyal2

Throw away your old card-based rubber stamp loyalty system... and use Loyal2 to automatically manage your program in the cloud!

Your members will be able to see their stamps increasing on the home page of your Loyal2 micro-site account. You can opt to set one or two stamps as 'free' for each grid - which hugely increases member adoption of schemes like this. The voucher of your choice is then issued when all stamps are completed and a new grid is automatically started.

In the 'Micro-Site' section of your Loyal2 Toolbox you'll find all the settings you need to set up your own virtual rubber stamp loyalty program:

Setting up the system:

  1. OPTIONAL Import Existing Members:
    If you have members from an existing system you may want to import them - do this by going to Members > Import/Export. Click on 'Get Sample CSV' to download a blank import spreadsheet with all the columns you will need. Then paste your current member details into the spreadsheet and use the Upload CSV button to import them.

  2. Add the Voucher:
    When your members reach the set number of stamps they will need to get issued an automatic voucher code which they can use to claim their reward - this voucher also serves the pupose of reducing their points.

    To add a voucher go to Vouchers > Add

    Here you will need to complete the following fields:

    Name - Give the voucher a name

    Points Required - This is the number of points that the member will need to achieve in order to get issued this voucher - eg: for a grid of 8 'stamps' of which 2 are 'free' then only 6 points will be required - if one point equals one stamp.

    Voucher details - describe the benefits and limitations of the voucher.

    Image - this is optional and will be included in the voucher when emailed to the member. Suggest a JPG which is 150px wide and 75px tall.

    Auto Allocate On Event - this is important, as it is the trigger event that issues the voucher - make sure to select 'On Member Points >= Points Required'

    Expires After Days - optional, if not set a default of 30 days expiry will be applied to the voucher.
    The other fields are not used for this sort of voucher.

  3. Set Up QuickScan
    It is assumed that you intend to award your customers their points when they purchase from you in the store. The easiest way to do this is to use QuickScan - which allows you (or your staff) to easily and safely access a customer account and award points or verify vouchers for the customer. QuickScan can be accessed via any web-enabled device (ie a PC/laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone).

    To set up QuickScan:

    Go to the Toolbox on the Dashboard and click on 'Quickscan, Tags and Barcodes'

    Here you will see your personal QuickScan web address - use this to access QuickScan on your store PC, tablet or mobile device. It will look something like https://???

    To enable QuickScan enter a password for your staff to enter each day when they access it for the first time.

    Then set the number of points you want to award each member, this can be done using the QuickScan settings. A basic setting would be 1,2,3,4,5 which will display 5 buttons for your staff to sward the set number of points.

    Also, for security, set the number of Quickscans per member per day - 3 would mean that the member can be awarded 3 sets of points each day etc.

    There are numerous other settings on the page - but these are the basic ones to set up.
    Remember to click 'Update Settings' at the bottom of the page.

  4. Set up your Virtual Rubber Stamps
    Finally, you can set up the Virtual Rubber Stamps in the Your Micro-site section of the Toolbox.
    Scroll down to the virtual rubber stamp section:

    First select the icon you want to use (or upload your own icon) - this is done first because by selecting an icon it reloads the form and any other fields entered will be ignored.

    No that the form is re-loaded you must set the other settings:

    Enter the 'Points required per stamp' - to keep it simple you can simple enter 1 (ie 1 point = 1 stamp) - but any amount can be used.

    Enter the 'Stamps per grid' - a multiple of 4 is required - so for our example enter 8 and you will have a grid with 2 rows of 4 stamps.

    Enter the 'free stamps per grid' - this is a marketing gimmick which pre-ticks a certain number of stamps - ie 2, so that the member feels they are being given 2 free stamps each time the grid is set to zero. In reality the balance of the stamps is your 'real points' required (ie 6 in this case).

    Select the rewards voucher (ie the one created above) - by entering in the voucher name and allowing the search to find it. Click on it to select it. It is important that the voucher selected has a 'points required' equal to the 'balance of points' in your grid as set above. eg for a grid of 8 stamps with 2 free, there are 6 points required to complete the grid - so you must ensure your voucher's 'Points Required' is 6.

    Finally Save your Virtual Rubber Stamps settings by clicking the button provided.

  5. Running your Virtual Rubber Stamps program
    Now that you are all set up you would run your program as follows:

    Each day your staff will access QuickScan (via the personal web-address provided in the QuickScan page) by entering the QuickScan password. With this 'loaded' on the counter-top PC or tablet they are ready to look up and reward customers when they come in to purchase.

    When a customer makes a purchase your staff would look up their account in QuickScan - this can be done via the member code, member mobile number or member email. If the member does not have an account, they can be easily added there in-store by clicking on the New Member button.

    Once the account is loaded, the staff-member can issue points based on the options available.

    If a customer has any vouchers available these can be found using the and verified using QuickScan.

    Remember that vouchers are delivered via email to your customers, so it is important to either subscribe or top-up your account to ensure that outgoing emails can be sent.

    Customers can access their accounts by logging into your micro-site with their email address, member number or mobile number. The first time they access the site their password will be emailed to them. Once logged in they will see their stamps on their micro-site home-page.

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