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Introduction to Loyalty
 An overview of setting up your loyalty system on Loyal2
This list of points will help you understand what Loyal2 does and how it works in more detail....
 The Ingredients of a Loyalty Program
Before a loyalty program can be implemented, or even planned, you will need to decide on a number of factors that define the nature of your program...
 Using Vouchers to Reward Your Customers uses a voucher-based approach to rewards management and we believe that this is the best method of rewarding your customers...
 Promotions and Campaigns
All Loyal2 loyalty programs include our Promotions engine - even on the free plan!
 Product Registration And Surveys
Loyal2 includes a customer driven Product Registration System and a Survey Engine.
Loyal2 Features Explained
 QuickScan in-store loyalty card scanning for mobiles and tablets
Our QuickScan feature is intended to let you set up and run your own in-store card scanning facility within minutes.
 Loyal2 Voucher Management System
Loyal2 offers a complete Voucher Management System for redemption of points for all users. 
 Measuring Performance
Key to your success in driving a loyalty program is your ability to see all the data at a high level with key performance indicators (KPIs) to assist you in understanding the trends held within.
Step-by-step guides
 Setting Up A Website Loyalty Program with
Setting up a loyalty program for your website or web-store takes a few minutes with
 Setting up a Card-based Loyalty Program with
If you want your members to present loyalty cards in-store, the process of setting this up is very straight forward....
 Ordering Pre-printed Loyalty Cards or Making Your Own Cards
Loyal2 has a suggested encoding requirement for pre-printed cards...
 Setting Up A Virtual Rubber Stamp Program with Loyal2
Traditional rubber stamp loyalty cards are found in coffee shops across the globe. Loyal2 allows you to quickly set up a totally virtual system that manages itself!
 Getting Your Loyal2 Outgoing Emails Delivered
Loyal2 has various outgoing email features from autoresponders to newsletters - here are a few best-practice rules which will assist you in getting the highest rate of delivery...
 Setting Up A Sales Upload and Approval System With Loyal2
Loyal2 allows your members to upload sales (including scanned copies of sales documents) and provides and approval/rejection pipeline for you to manage them via your backoffice....
Loyal2 Integration
 ePOS eStore CRM and Shopping Cart Integrations
Loyal2 is constantly working on seamless integration with leading ePOS, eStore, CRM and Shopping Cart service providers.
 Loyal2 and SQL Database Integration Guide
A built-in tool to allow you to quickly link up your SQL database and Loyal2...
 Loyal2 Webhooks
Have data automatically pushed to your 3rd party systems using our instant webhooks...
 Loyal2 and LightSpeed Retail Integration Guide
Getting your LightSpeed Retail data connected to Loyal2 takes a few minutes and no effort at all...
 Loyal2 and Shopify Integration Guide
Getting your Shopify Store connected to Loyal2 is quick and easy with our Shopify App...
 Loyal2 and Shopify Voucher Codes Guide
This article describes how you get voucher codes in Loyal2 to work with Shopify discount codes...
 Install the Loyal2 WebWidget in your Shopify store
This article describes how you install the Loyal2 widget in your Shopify store...
 Loyal2 and Mals E-commerce Integration Guide
Getting your Mal's E-commerce Store connected to Loyal2 is quick and easy...
 Loyal2 and Ecwid Integration Guide
Getting your Ecwid E-commerce Store connected to Loyal2 is quick and easy...
 Loyal2 and Bigcommerce Integration Guide
Getting your Bigcommerce Store connected to Loyal2 is quick and easy...
 Loyal2 and Recurly Integration Guide
Connect your Recurly Invoices and Customers with your Loyal2 Rewards Program...
 Integrating with Loyal2 via our APIs
Our RESTful API's provide the perfect platform for any developer to write their own hooks and apps...
Loyal2 Partner Programs
 Promote loyalty programs in your area and earn commission
Want to promote loyalty or create a business around managing loyalty programs? We have a great referal program for you...
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Online Loyalty for Websites
ePOS and eStore Integrations
Voucher Management
Promotions and Campaigns
Product Reg. and Surveys
Measure Performance
Reward visitors online and in-store to bring them back again and again
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